My top 5 Favs of the Week!

This week it was all about fashion for me.  Even though its been a pretty rainy gloomy week.  I found some great finds that I had to share.

1. Long Waist Coat

This Beauty is from H&M, you can get this for only 39.95.  Dress is down with a pair of shorts like in this photo or dress it up for work with a pencil skirt and blouse.  Or some striking black leather skinnies, plain black tank and bold Necklace.

hmprod   untitled

2. Bead Style Necklaces

This can be bought online from, I recently purchased the yellow one.  Such a easy simple way to make a bold statement with your outfit this spring and summer!  $59.90

1856037300_1_1_1 1856037615_1_1_1

3.  A Hat & Prints

This was my favorite for a more casual feel.  Pair some frayed denim shorts with any black and white looser top, some flip flops or a flat.  Paired nicely with a camel hat and printed satchel.  If its still too cool to bring out the shorts this look can accomplished just as easily with a white wash skinny jean.  Both of these pieces can be found at, this loose wave top is $48.00, the summer hat $28.00



4. The Strappy Sandal

$75.46 at I just love this website, tons of unique pieces.  Definitely one of my favorite online shopping sites.

These can be so easily dressed up or down, pair them with a bright bold dress.  Or dress it down with a pair of boyfriend jeans or skinnies.

39169_1_zoom       39169_0_zoom


5. The Boyfriend Jean-  These Distressed boyfriend jeans by Fashion Union can be found at and go for $63.29

I still haven’t been able to find a perfect pair that I like and that fits me well.  However i have ordered several things from asos before and I might just take my chances with ordering these.  Comfortable and stylish!



I hope you enjoyed my Top 5 Favs of the Week!


Lilly Cordeiro

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