Rustic Backyard Oasis

My sister recently asked me if I could help her out with her backyard, she didn’t know what else to do to it.  She already had this stunning gazebo and added white linen drapes which contributed to that casual feel she wanted to have in her back yard.  I asked her what she wanted to see in the gazebo what style she liked.  She then replied rustic simple and light, she didn’t really want to bring in any colors.

Here are her before photos…

The space already looked great from the start so there wasn’t too much to add.  I loved that the gazebo had a ‘wall’ from the fence I seen this as great use to hang some sort of decorative pieces/art.

backyard backyard2 backayrd3 backyard4

She made this with twigs that were coming over from the neighbors tree! So creative and was my jumping off point for the rustic aspect of the design.

backyard 5

We went for a walk DT Galt (Cambridge) there are tons of décor shops with unique pieces.  Such as the art of home I just love this place! We found such an original deer head coo-coo clock there that would be perfect for a cottage project I will be working on.  That’s a whole other post itself…clearly I get distracted easily.

afterback6       afterback15


We aren’t fully done but I thought I would share where we are at right now with the décor! We purchased some Texas Long Horn pieces for the fence wall from Willow House, these are a Steven and Chris piece from their line.  I was loving everything in this store!

afterback8    afterback7

We added a chandelier for some lighting and glam!  This was purchased at Urban Barn, in Cambridge.  Hung it with the rustic twig wreath that my sister had made.  We still need to tuck the wiring away.


Other touches such as pillows, table tray, outdoor candle, tray for over the gas fireplace with some wood.  All purchased from good old Home sense, can never go wrong there.


The Partially Complete After…

afterbackafterback2afterback3afterback12afterback5  afterback13

We eventually will be moving this ottoman with the rustic chair and outdoor candle in-between two long chairs she has on her stamped concrete patio.  Will be replacing it with this wine barrel end table, golden lantern, some fresh soft pastel colored flowers and an outdoor area rug to complete!  I know she said no color but i think i might just be able to convince her to add some warmth and pop with a crazy rug!

I cant wait for this,  I will update once everything is fully complete 🙂

outdoorback     outdoor rugrug


Hope you enjoyed~ Have a fabulous Weekend 🙂

Lilly xo




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