The Boldness of Color


Hello Happy Thursday everyone!! For some reason this week I felt the need for a big burst of color, going through old design magazines while lounging by the pool had me inspired.  I have been very into neutrals lately, but you can never go wrong with some color.

Check out some of my favorite looks from some older design magazine issues.

Use neon for the element of surprise. The unexpected bright green glass chandelier in this elegant dining room absolutely electrifies the room in more ways than one.  Having the ceiling painted enhances the bright green instead of the ceiling being a basic white tint.

Throw in a BOLD Stair case runner.  Having a black and white color palette for your home allows you to be creative and throw any color from the color wheel into your color scheme.


Crazy for Peacock, Teal, Turquois and Sea foam.  These rooms are very risk and a lot of people may think it is too much, I think they are fantastic!  Look at that Metallic Peacock motif wallpaper in the powder room.  Painting the door a bright aqua compliments the metallic perfectly.

02-hbx-andy-warhol-silkscreen-print-gambrel-0214-xln     09-hbx-peacock-feather-wallpaper-redd-0214-xln

Color in a BIG dose! Sometimes you get your full dose of color in one piece of furniture. This oversized couch not only fulfills the color requirement but could potentially fit the whole family, plus visitors.  What an awesome theatre room!! I want it.


Color Wheel Color Scheme Rules at its finest, Split complimentary colors used in this space.

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