FASHION FRIDAYS- Shoe Dazzle Edition

Happy Friday Friends 🙂 Ok so as I was cleaning out my email account I stumbled upon a promotion email from   I forgot I was even signed up to this site, which was probably a good thing for my bank account! Anyways I had to share some must haves before the end of the season.

For those of you who have never heard of Shoe Dazzle  Here is a brief description.

Shoe Dazzle is an online shopping website that you sign up for, it asks you to complete a questionnaire based on the style of shoes that you like.  From there every month,stylist choose specific styles based on your interests, they then showcase a showroom especially  for you.  Prices are great and range from $39.99 -up!  If you for some reason don’t like what has been chosen for you in your showroom, you can still shop all of the offered collections.  They have great stylist such as Rachel Zoe, Gwen Stefani, Kim Kardashian and more..

I know it has been more like fall the past few days with the chilly weather.  I however, am not ready to let go of summer just yet, these fabulous shoe’s speak for themselves!!


shoe111 floral shoecamel shoegrey mandaviredgreenmultileopard


That’s it for this weeks Fashion Edition! Hope you enjoyed, have a great weekend everyone.


Lilly Cordeiro

elle cee design

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