Staging the Condo..Before & After’s.

The past two – three weeks have been so busy for me, I have barely had any down time to just relax.  One of the reasons I have been so busy was moving furniture into my boyfriends condo.  As you all know we are in the process of building our future home together so we have been trying to sell his condo with not very much luck so far.  One of the reasons could very well of been because it was too much of a ‘bachelor pad’.  Sadly the Labatt beer art and larger scale furniture had to be moved out.  His once man cave would soon be transformed into a functional ‘ homey’ space that potential buyers could imagine themselves living in.

Thanks to a few of his friends everything was managed to be moved out and right in within a few hours.  So how do you stage without spending a dime? In this case we used furniture I had in my house that wasn’t really being used, I cleaned out my room and downstairs living area of pillows and accessories and smaller scale furniture.

Using the basic space planning rules it all came together and we didn’t spend one cent.  De clutter and take down personal family photos, make the space inviting and I think a sale could be right at your footsteps!

Cliff Rego Team was great and re took photos for us to re list, after I staged it.

MLS LISTING # 1493776 

The condo is stunning from in-floor heating, to its 13′ high ceilings, exposed piping, concrete wall and an original wooden structural beam.

Here are the before photos, beautiful but very minimalistic.

1493776_1 1493776_8 1493776_9 1493776_11 1493776_14 1493776_15 mlsphoto

And the After’s….

img_010   img_001  img_011  img_012   img_013     img_015  img_021   img_023  img_024   img_002

Hope you Enjoyed!

Happy Monday 🙂

Lilly Cordeiro

Elle Cee Design

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