Top 5 Favs of The Week! ASOS Edition

Happy Friday Everyone, I am so sorry I have been MIA.  Life has gotten to be a little busy, with working Full Time, a new semester beginning, and juggling two Reno’s & Revamps my blog has unfortunately come last on the list.  I finally just said enough with the excuses and just get to it already.  So I thought I would catch you up with my top 5 fav’s of the week.  Fall is definitely here and so are the infinity scarves, cozy sweaters, boots, hats and the list goes on.  Being so busy who has time to go into boutiques and stores to shop?  Online shopping is my best friend, some great finds for the season are just a few clicks away! is definitely my style and one of my favorite online stores if you haven’t been over to their site you must check it out!

Along with maxi shirts these long cardigans are great and can take place of a fall coat nicely.  I love the look of this waterfall cardigan knit, the different lengths and lots of layers!


Oversized, blue and fluffy??! Just Perfect, anything oversized I am 100% in! Scarf can be found at


Hats are huge for this season I’ve always been a huge hat girl so this has to be one of my favorite trends for fall.  This Green Velvet Checkered print can also be found at


Not everything has to be glamorous and dressed up.  Casual it down a bit with this fleece funnel neck Nike sweatshirt, the piping detail and cut of that neck is to die for.  Love how this is styled with again an unexpected twist, black and white fur coat-


Asos jumper dress with roll neck and sheer inserts, this is cozy and so fashion forward.  I am really tempted to order this one!  How can I get away with this addition to my closet without the babes finding out?

Image 3 of ASOS Jumper Dress With Roll Neck And Sheer Inserts :Image 4 of ASOS Jumper Dress With Roll Neck And Sheer Inserts
That wraps it up for this Fashion Fridays Post of my Top 5 Fav’s of the Week!
Have a great weekend everyone 🙂
Lilly Cordeiro
elle cee design

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