Pre Teen Bedroom Re Design

Here i would like to share with you a drastic before and after.  This was a new historic home my clients moved into.  This bedroom was going to be for their 10 year old daughter, which didn’t have her too excited.  Nothing about this room screamed 10 year old girl.  I sat down with her, and knew she loved purple and loved to be able to relax when she wasn’t occupied with her extra curricular activities.  From there i told her she could pick out her own paint color as long as it was near the end of the paint swatch.  She chose a gorgeous muted lilac color.  Decals were ordered from @urbanwalls, Canopy area from @restorationhardware and furniture and accessories from @homesensecanada.

Storage was a big concern as there was only one small closet.  We decided to use up an awkward corner that was frankly a waste of space.  Custom built in cabinets for a closet were installed.  Based on her personalty and likes this is what we came up with.






elle cee design

Lilly Cordeiro

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