My Top 5 Favs of the Week! Joss & Main Edition

Happy Friday Everyone!!! I got my Elle Décor Magazine in this week and while visiting my nieces at gymnastics yesterday, I flipped through all of the amazing rooms.  People are often afraid of color and I love the way these designers brought color into their design.


Seriously look at that art piece!!!  I love love love the life it brings into this room and don’t get me started on that chandelier.


The boldness in this space is amazing.  Green walls and bright pink rug? Good old split complimentary color scheme.

Anyway looking through this edition of ELLE DECOR it reminded me of an amazing online website I often visit for home furniture, décor and accessories.

If you haven’t been to you’re missing out.  One of my friends introduced me and I have been hooked ever since.  Its familiar to that clothing site Items go on sale for a certain period of time and you would need to purchase it before the items expire.  Here are some of my favs bold items this week from


1.  Talk about Color! Love this Fuscia Velet Arm Chair.  Event ends in 2 days and 2 hours so if you want her you better act quickly!  She is going for $617.95 Now it seems kind of steep for a chair, but considering it was regularly $1695.00 and is such a statement piece you cant go wrong.  I actually kind of want this for myself 🙂 Future home design office chair?


2. Blue Beauty- You can easily spice up your kitchen/dining room with this sideboard.  Regular $670.89 on Sale now for $233.95


3. I loveeee this handcrafted wood table.  I think I would use it for the outdoors, under a gazebo with some great outdoor furniture.  I know someone who would love this piece to go with her boho chic style. On sale from $89.99 to $39.95, this is such a great deal!

Dimensions: 6″ H x 15″W x 15″ D


4. Bold Striped Motif In Black, this bean bag outdoor lounger is awesome!  So perfect to lounge and soak up some sun rays or relax with a cocktail and a book. Why not pair this with a splash of color with this Bohemian Beaded Pillow and this handcrafted faux leather pouf with Moroccan-inspired detailing and gold finish.

Pouf Original $429. Sale: $156.99 ( that’s a little too high priced you can definitely duplicate this at home sense)

Striped bean bag lounger Original $189.99 Sale: $94.99

Boho Pillow- Original $116.00 Sale: $41.99



5. I love anything rustic and this stool can add that pop you’re looking for in a kitchen.  This metal barstool features a weathered patina and adjustable seat.  Original $232.00 Sale $122.95



Hope you enjoyed my top 5 favs of the week and gained another great shopping website 🙂


Lilly Cordeiro



Dining Rooms

With open concept homes being so popular and in demand you tend to see less and less of dining rooms.  However I do see the formal dining room coming back into floor plans and home designs.  This week I was looking into dining rooms and the furniture that goes with it.  These are some of my top inspiration looks that I loved.

1.  Cofferred Ceilings is all I see in this space, I am still so in love with this design feature.  What a difference it makes in a room.  The Wainscoting is also very complimenting, it completes the materials and surfaces design aspect.  As for décor, Window treatments frame the windows nicely.  I love the symmetrical wooden framed art work. The soft blue paint on the walls compliment the wooden textures in this space very well.

2. MDF Paneling I did something similar to this in my design office at work, the substance it adds to the room is great.  The deep blue is very on trend at the moment.  I love the combination of the dark wall and the light wallpaper and chair upholstery.   The contrast black console with metallic art and different shades of blue in accessories.  The only thing I see wrong with this space is the area rug under the dining table it doesn’t seem to be the right size.  When placing an area rug under a dining table you need to make sure you include some chair room.  Measure the top of the table and add 24-30 inches to each side so you have room to easily pull out and push in a chair while sitting in it. It’s really a hassle if the dining room rug is not large enough and the back legs of your chair keep going over the edge of the rug.

3. Light and Airy, the built in woodworking, trim and moldings are stunning.  I love how this designer kept everything very light when it came to the paint and the cabinetry.  Even though this space has dated parquet flooring by lightening everything up it really compliments the floors well.  Lighter flooring is definitely on trend as well and hey anything that will show less dust or pet hair I am all for!  My Favorite part of this room is the vintage crystal chandelier, it compliments the rustic wooden table perfectly. This room is right in my element and my favorite look.

4.  For a more contemporary look this room was great.  Everything is very minimal, bright, light, sleek with straight lines.   The perfectly placed framed art work covers the entire wall, which I liked a bit different then just placing a mirror or a large piece or framed art.   I love the random pops of color in this space.  The one red chair and the bright yellow console, its unexpected yet works.  The inspirational piece being the multi color art on the fireplace mantel.  I am not a fan of the one chair that is placed by the console table underneath the window.  There is no purpose for it, I would’ve preferred to see a plant there or kept it bare.

I hope you enjoyed these dining room looks, they can so easily be re created with some creativity and imagination.  Mixing of Materials and Surfaces with the simple Rules and Principles of Design.
Lilly Cordeiro
LC Designs


Shopping for Sofas

Sofa Shopping Where to Start?


Happy Friday Everyone!! Shopping for a sofa can be such a bore, there are so many options that it can be difficult at times finding the perfect one for you. Its just such a statement piece that it needs to be comfortable but yet still stylish as it takes up so much real estate.   How do you know what to choose? Right now, I’ve been eyeing a few gray tufted and upholstered sofas for myself.  These were some of my inspirations.

Comfy, Casual and still stylish!

Contemporary Living Room by Melbourne Interior Designers & DecoratorsMassimo Interiors




Here are some great choices that you can find locally in K/W Area!


1. Balmoral Sofa

Found at CORNERSTONE on sale for $995.00

The huge pro about Cornerstone is that they accept custom orders.  All you have to do is choose your style and fabric!



2. Clarendon Tufted Sofa – Moonrise Silver

Can be found at BOMBAY, On sale right now for $1199.00



3. Kennedy Sofa – Eclipse Grey.  This one is a little more structured and lean.

Found At BOWRING for $795.00



4. Denham – Mercury Sofa



When shopping, you want to feel the fabric. Is it soft? Can it be cleaned easily? Does it go with the wall color? All of these are factors. Looking into these sofas, they are almost a can’t go wrong style. That’s what I love about gray, it has become a neutral and can almost go with anything, even brown!  Grey will definitely be my choice for sofas!

Lilly Cordeiro


My top 5 Favs of the Week!

This week it was all about fashion for me.  Even though its been a pretty rainy gloomy week.  I found some great finds that I had to share.

1. Long Waist Coat

This Beauty is from H&M, you can get this for only 39.95.  Dress is down with a pair of shorts like in this photo or dress it up for work with a pencil skirt and blouse.  Or some striking black leather skinnies, plain black tank and bold Necklace.

hmprod   untitled

2. Bead Style Necklaces

This can be bought online from, I recently purchased the yellow one.  Such a easy simple way to make a bold statement with your outfit this spring and summer!  $59.90

1856037300_1_1_1 1856037615_1_1_1

3.  A Hat & Prints

This was my favorite for a more casual feel.  Pair some frayed denim shorts with any black and white looser top, some flip flops or a flat.  Paired nicely with a camel hat and printed satchel.  If its still too cool to bring out the shorts this look can accomplished just as easily with a white wash skinny jean.  Both of these pieces can be found at, this loose wave top is $48.00, the summer hat $28.00



4. The Strappy Sandal

$75.46 at I just love this website, tons of unique pieces.  Definitely one of my favorite online shopping sites.

These can be so easily dressed up or down, pair them with a bright bold dress.  Or dress it down with a pair of boyfriend jeans or skinnies.

39169_1_zoom       39169_0_zoom


5. The Boyfriend Jean-  These Distressed boyfriend jeans by Fashion Union can be found at and go for $63.29

I still haven’t been able to find a perfect pair that I like and that fits me well.  However i have ordered several things from asos before and I might just take my chances with ordering these.  Comfortable and stylish!



I hope you enjoyed my Top 5 Favs of the Week!


Lilly Cordeiro

Living Room Reno- Casa C Project


Casa C Project

With my great passion for design and decorating, recently my mother decided that she wanted to re vamp her living room and test my designing.  To me I seen this as a great opportunity to start my interior design/decorating career.  Especially with her type of style being out of my comfort zone and not something I would normally do.   She wanted to start with laying out new hardwood flooring on the entire main floor minus the kitchen.  She had parquet flooring to begin with, a very orangey dated floor.  You may not know this but in my last semester we learned about materials and surfaces of the home.  Parquet flooring used to be very expensive and everyone wanted it in there homes, it used to be looked at as a luxury to have.  This however was a very, very long time ago so it  was time to update.

Here is a picture of the before picture of the flooring, now do you see what I mean about it being popular a very, very long time ago.  I knew just by updating the floors this would create a completely different feel to the entire home right away.  The after shot is hard to tell exactly the look.  We went with a medium/ dark linear Engineered Hardwood Floor.  The Color Scheme was to be very light, mainly ivory’s , champagnes, gold’s and greens.  Choosing a dark floor was the best option to contrast against the light furniture that we would be incorporating into the design.

Before                                                                                  After

parquet         16392844_118857_full

The main Piece that was my inspiration for this transformation was an upholstered statement chair that my mom did not want to get rid of.  So we worked with the chair as it was a a substantial piece to start this project off with. When it comes to interior decorating you always should have an inspiration piece whether it be artwork, furniture or a cased good.  It can be pretty cool seeing what you can come up with by starting off with one piece.



Along the West wall of the living room a really dated media unit which darkened the room and made it very gloomy.   Keep in mind this room had already been updated with paint to a light ivory tint.  Before the paint, it was even darker a builders tan beige ( I forgot to take before pic of the paint: bad decorator move )  I decided to convince them that a built in unit would really open up the space if we built from floor to ceiling.  We managed to agree, I made up a quick sketch of a design.  We then had a meeting with our custom cabinetry maker, Mario.

I selected the color and the hardware that we would be using.   After a very long wait for our contact to get started on this project.  Before we knew it old dated media unit was out and new wall unit installation had begun.  As you can see in the photo below the fireplace was also a dated brick which kind of made the space gloomy.  I wanted to have it painted out however they refused and didn’t want to loose the look of the rustic texture.  We washed the brick down took away all the smoke stains as this used to be a wood burning fireplace before the gas one was installed.  Painted out the fireplace black, it used to have shiny gold trim.  That was as far as they were willing to go to change it.  In design you sometimes do have some bumps in the road with what you want and what your client wants, you need to be able to still make it work!

after13           after9

The house was a crazy mess for what felt like forever.  With the installation of the new floors new baseboards and crown molding being installed.  It was dust central, covering the new couches were a must!


Throughout this design process we had multiple shopping trips to try and find the right pieces for the space.  A large area rug was her number one priority.  She wanted something large in scale and a statement in the room.  We made our way over to “Carpet One” on Victoria Street in Kitchener and found a beautiful Rug.  With this room being an awkward space with barely any wall space it was hard to create a proper seating area.  I wanted to tear down the cement hearth so we could fit a chair in beside the couch and in front of the window this also would have looked a lot better.  Again they did not want to loose that feature, so I had to work with it.


With her style being classic with a touch of Victorian we found a beautiful coffee table.  Glass top with golden curved legs which wouldn’t add a lot of visual weight to the space.

From there it all came together.  I lost majority of my before photos with the old décor and old flooring and paint 😦 Which is very sad to me.  However you can still someone tell the difference a little paint and fresh colors and proper designing can do to a space.

The Before and the After Photos.  Now we still aren’t completely done, we are still waiting to find drapes for the windows, perfect pieces for the fireplace, a side table for the upholstered chair with accessories, a custom flower arrangement for the coffee table and two more pillows for the larger scale couch.  But I couldn’t wait anymore.   So here you go,  A Some-what complete transformation!




parquet    after13after10after14




DSC_0669      DSC_0667DSC_0664DSC_0677DSC_0671DSC_0674DSC_0666DSC_0690  DSC_0670DSC_0678DSC_0680



Next I will show you how we transformed their dark and musky foyer entrance.  To a glamorous breath of fresh air with some wall paper, new lighting, slim console table and accessories.


Lilly Cordeiro

LC Designs

Built Ins

     Recently I have been working on a project that will soon be revealed with before and after photos.  I am just working on some last minute details :).  Anyway, we had a custom wall unit built into a family room to accommodate an 80″ TV.  That is what has inspired this weeks posting.

I found several different types of wall/media units.  Its great how you can incorporate so many different materials into a simple idea as a wall unit.

This is my favorite room/ media unit that I researched.  It looks like this space is located in a basement.  Even if you do not have a ton of space, knowing how to use the space given is extremely important.  Here it looks like they might have covered a structural column, something that couldn’t be removed so why not work with it in the design.  The sleek natural birch wood paneling compliments the rustic exposed ceiling.  Some shelving underneath the TV allows you to de clutter and organize books or game consoles.  The use of color is also very comfortable and inviting.

    This custom media wall the designer paired natural stone along with natural wooden shelves and cabinetry.  The shelves being offset and almost floating help obtain a balance visually.  They also imitate the look of box beams simply by finishing the shelves with a smooth finish rather than textured and painting the same color as the wood finish.  Bringing the outside indoors can be very appealing and help you accomplish your rustic contemporary look.

For a very different look, this designer went with an all white achromatic color scheme.  Keeping the cabinetry at the bottom and shelving along the sides and top of the tv looks very organized.  Great storage space for the book lover, and appealing to the eye decoratively.  The coffered ceilings, trim and pot lights are great accents to this space.  To finalize the rug is pulling all the different colors from the books in the wall unit, wooden chairs at the table create a great ambiance.

This is a great room, the taupe/greyish tone of the wall unit is unique and modern.  A different take on your routine white or natural wood finish media units.  I like how they have kept the decorative pieces simple with white and black pieces.  The top of the media unit is decorated with an asymmetrical style as you work down it may not be exact but visually it balances out.
This media unit is very characteristic, from the crown molding and trim work to the painted backings of the shelves.  Every room needs a focal point and this room has captured that with this unit.  A great use of color in this space, the tangerine splashes, tan walls and textured blinds.  A touch of aqua blue bring a sense of freshness to this room.

Overall the concept of this blog posting was to go over different types of Wall units/ Media Centers.  As you can see there are tons of options and ideas when it comes to this.  If you are interested in building a custom wall unit in your current home please feel free to contact me and I can have something sketched up for you.   I would be happy to sit down with you and discuss options.  It is a great way to de clutter a room and create a main focal point.
Lilly Cordeiro
LC Designs

My Top 5 Favs of the Week! .4. 22.14

My Top 5 Fav’s!

1. Floral Prints- Spring time is here guys and I am loving it. I can finally start to wear less layers and can bring out some of my colorful clothes from hibernation. I’m especially loving floral prints right now.

photo 2                         photo3


2. Quartz!  I am loving quartz countertops, even though they are relatively new vs marble or granite.  There are tons of colors to choose from and are visually stunning in any room.  It has the same durability as concrete or granite however can be a bit more forgiving so it wont chip or crack as easily.  Its a non porous material so it resists staining much better than granite.



3. Strappy Heels- Such a fashion forward statement piece for spring.  Pair them with rolled up boyfriend jeans, belt and loose tee.  Or Dress them up with straight legged black pants, blouse and a blazer.



4. I love this find I got for my bosses office, from Homesense.  I found it very fitting as he has been a custom home builder for 25 years.  It brought a little vintage feel into the office space.

wall art


5. Penny Tile-  Also known as penny rounds a little throwback to the early 1900s.  They have come full circle to harmonize with nearly every style, from Victorian to bungalow, midcentury modern to contemporary.  Penny tiles can be used in several different areas , backsplashes, wall tile, accents, flooring in a washroom, columns and even fireplaces.  I think you will being to see a lot more if this product being used!

penny tile

Bedrooms :)

This week i was inspired to talk about bedrooms.  With busy lives full of family, friends and work, our bedroom is oftentimes the place we go to relax and escape everyday life. When done right, a bedroom can be a stress-free sanctuary full of soothing colors.  Trying to accomplish that and set that tone can be a challenge.
If you are thinking of redesigning your bedroom, be sure to consider what both you and your significant other prefer. Your bedroom is all about you, so don’t worry about using popular trends or what the it colors are today.  Figuring out your furniture layout is the biggest decision you need to make.  By the time you add dressers, nightstands, and a bed, your space can easily get crowded.  It’s important to figure out what layout gives you enough storage yet still leaves open space for you to move around comfortably without bumping into furniture.  That leaves you with finding a color scheme and decorations that reflect your personality.
I have included some photos of my favorite bedrooms.  They are all so different yet equally appealing, and all with the elements and principles of design in mind.
Transitional Bedroom by Minneapolis Interior Designers & DecoratorsMartha O’Hara Interiors 

Contemporary Bedroom by Huntington Beach Interior Designers & DecoratorsDomicile Interior Designhttp:// 

Modern Bedroom by London Interior Designers & DecoratorsAlexander James Interiors 


Eclectic Bedroom

Transitional Bedroom by Chicago Interior Designers & DecoratorsMary Cook

Beach Style Bedroom by Cambridge Architects & DesignersLDa Architecture & Interiors]

Contemporary Bedroom by Savannah PhotographersAndrew Sherman Photographyhttp:// 

 Some people often ask me how do I pick a color scheme?  Or where do I even begin?

It usually all comes down to your personal opinion and interests.  However there are some colors that are more relaxing and therefore better suited for your sleeping area. Studies have found that people with blue bedrooms often get more sleep because of the calmness it brings.  Brighter colors may lead to a better mood, but it also might keep you up longer at night. If you have a significant other, you should also consider using neutral colors so everyone stays happy. Purple and pink might be too feminine, so try variations of green, gray or brown instead.

Lilly Cordeiro
 LC Designs


My top 5 Favs! 04.15.14

This week I was inspired to talk about kitchens since I am looking into building a new home soon with my employer Sunlight Heritage Homes.  Inspiration is all around me and I thought I would take advantage and share it all with you.

Two tone kitchens have been popular for quite some time now. I particularily like to see a mix of materials used that are un expected and something that you wouldn’t normally see used for typical kitchen cabinetry.



My first fav kitchen picture.. Where do I begin, from the glam glossy backsplash to the reclaimed wood island.  This kitchen has me all over it.  Mixing materials and styles is my favorite part about design.  The different textures add tons of character to this kitchen.




Another reclaimed wood island, I think we may have a trend here for what I like in kitchens.  I love the soft grey upper and lower cabinetry with the chimney style range hood.  The Island has a country barn feel which I also admire.  The steel stools complete this look for me.



The all white kitchen is definitely in my top 5 right now.  Very clean and fresh with the dark grey sleek quartz counter, don’t get me started on the partial integrated wood cutting board feature.  The A-frame dome type light fixtures add just enough shape to the space that it needs.




Hello Raised Breakfast bar! I love that this designer used a different material and texture for the raised bar instead of keeping it uniform with the countertops.  This feature is stunning especially if you are tight for space its a great way to incorporate extra seating.



I saved the best for last. I Loveeee this space, yes this photo deserves four e’s on the Love. The Brick accent wall, Black Chimney hood range, the light white wash wood paneled ceiling and darker Decorative Wooden beams.  The enormous island, this space is my favorite.  I especially like the two tone kitchen and how they have used two different counters for the kitchen and the island.



I hope you enjoyed these kitchens as much as I did.  My head is just flowing with creative ideas and new features that I can incorporate into our future home.  Now we just need to decided what we want to go with for our design.  Either way I cant wait for that project to begin and to see what we end up coming up with.


Follow Sunlight Heritage Homes blog as well for tons of tips and ideas when it comes to your home.


Lilly Cordeiro

Lc Designs 🙂

Furniture Arranging


 Furniture Arranging

So you have bought your brand new home and you don’t know where to start when it comes to filling it up with furniture.  Knowing the basic layout rules can be a huge help, and get you a fun a polished look to every room.

I’ve taken some of the basic rules of furniture arranging and parted them into 10 simple tips. These will absolutely help you figure out where to put things, where not to put things and how to assist you with the choices you will be making.

Tip #1

First things first, before moving any actual furniture you need to have a plan in place.  Test your design on paper to make sure everything is included and in order.  Measure the room’s dimensions, noting the location of windows, doors, heat registers and electrical outlets, then draw up a floor plan on graph paper using cutouts to represent the furnishings. Or, better yet, use a free online room planner, they have everything these days.  Learn to draw the space and test various furniture configurations. It’s less work and a lot more fun.




You need to think about how many people will be using this space and how the room will be used.

That will ultimately lead you towards what type of furnishings you’ll need and the amount of seating required.


Contemporary Living Room by Las Vegas Architects & Designers DANIELLA VILLAMIL INTERIORS


Tip #3

Focal Point

Knowing what your focal point is, is a very important aspect when furnishing a space.  It can be anything from a fireplace, view, television etc.  You would then organize the furniture accordingly.  If you plan to use this room to watch TV the ideal distance between the set and the seating is three times the size of the screen (measured diagonally). Therefore, if you’ve got a 40-inch television, your chair should be 120 inches away.

Transitional Living Room by Chicago PhotographersMarcel Page Photography

Tip #4


Place the largest pieces of furniture first, like the sofa in the living room or a bed in the bedroom. Usually these pieces should be facing the focal point in the room. Chairs should be no more than 8 feet apart to keep it close in proximity for conversation. Unless your room is a little smaller, try to avoid pushing all the furniture against the walls.  About a 6″ gap between the walls and furniture will give the illusion that the space is larger due to the shadow it creates.

Tip #5

We all have learned about symmetry at one point in our lives.  This is a very useful tip when it comes to styling your home.  Symmetrical arrangements work best for formal rooms, this is when you can split a room in half and each side is exactly the same. Asymmetrical arrangements make a room feel more casual.  Keep in mind that the pieces you do use fill the same amount of visual weight.  If this is off your room will look off as well.

Tip #6

This is when Function ties into the space as well.  You need to think about the traffic flow through the room, the pathways into the room.  Don’t block that path with any large pieces of furniture if you can avoid it. Allow 30 to 48 inches of width for major traffic areas and a minimum of 24 inches of width for minor ones. A maximum seating area is 12 ‘ x 12’.  So be sure to consider anything bigger you would need to split up and create a different seating area.

Tip #7
You want to vary in the size furniture pieces you use throughout the room.  Doing this allows your eyes move up and down as you scan the space.  Balance a larger or taller item by placing another piece of similar height across the room from it (or use art to replicate the scale or visual weight).  Try to avoid putting two of the similar size objects next to each other.  This can look bland and un lively.
This is all about mixing different shapes of furniture.  Combining straight and curved lines to help create contrast. If the furniture is modern and more linear, throw in a round table for contrast. If the furniture is curvy, mix in an angular or straight edged piece. Also consider pairing solids with voids.  For example combine a leggy chair with a solid side table, or a solid chair with a leggy table.
Tip #9
Easy Use
When placing your furniture in a room you should definitely keep in mind the proximities.  By Placing a table within easy reach of every  seat, being sure to combine pieces of similar scale, and make sure every reading chair has an accompanying lamp. Coffee tables should be located 14 to 18 inches from a sofa to provide sufficient legroom.  This also takes your guests comfort into consideration, imagine having a glass of wine and not having a place in easy reach to place it down for a minute.
Tip #10
So far I have only been discussing seating areas in living rooms and family rooms, bedrooms. However a dining room is just as important In a home.  Make sure there’s at least 48 inches between each edge of the table and the nearest wall or piece of furniture. If traffic doesn’t pass behind the chairs on one side of the table, 36 inches should be enough. In bedrooms allow at least 24 inches between the side of the bed and a wall, and at least 36 inches between the bed and a swinging door.
With all of these Tips I am sure that filling up your home will be a lot less stressful and a lot more fun.  This wont make you a designer over night but it will most defiantly help you and make decorating more fun rather than work!
Lilly Cordeiro


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